Tai-Ji Chuan, Martial Arts, Energy Work & Training for Leaders

With my concrete physical and energetic work I help to solve blockades on all levels and to free Your resources.
You get a program, that is individually designed for You both in single and in group sessions.


Quality of life · Health · Development

You can study inner Martial Art (Tai-Ji Chuan) as a regular Training for health, higher quality of life and self-awareness as well as preparation for special tasks. For example, to leave obsolete patterns and find new approaches for profession and everyday life. It is an instrument to solve also difficult situations. The aim is to integrate the principles of Inner Martial Art in everyday life, effectively, simply and without unnecessary mysticism.

The foundation is Yang style Tai-Ji Chuan. Tai-Ji Chuan is part of the traditional Chinese inner martial arts. Other martial arts are influencing the training, the principles remain the same.


Resting Power · Flexible Security · Presence

Tai-Ji Chuan is originally a practice for leaders. It works on different levels. Through body and breath into the depths of the consciousness. Presence, concentration and acting in alignment to the center are themes that can be influenced by Inner Martial Art.

The art of acting helps to realize the effect of unconscious actions and to influence these. Its techniques work with consciousness, body and voice. Acting is very useful for many themes, like talking in front of groups, and overlaps with Inner Martial Art.


Tai-Ji Chuan · Coaching & Healing · Acting

Márton Péter Nagy studies martial arts since 1994. He teaches since 1997. He began with Shotokan Karate, later he also exercised among others Wing-Chun Kung Fu, Russian Systema and finally Tai-Ji Chuan. Tai-Ji Chuan became the most important martial art for him. He learned in Europe and China.

Since 2007 He is also working as an actor (MA ZHdK, Zurich). He acts in cinema, theater and TV productions.


Tai-Ji Chuan · Training Session · Rehearsal

Tai-Ji Chuan · Martial Art Training Session
Tai-Ji Chuan · Rehearsal and Training 2014